[v0.0.177] Patch Update

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    Patch v0.0.177

    General Changes:
    [Windy Run:]
    - all windy run items are now available at Steven Jr. in exchange for Sigil of Bravery

    [Ice Tower:]
    - decreased Monster Lv. from 90 to 80

    [General Changes:]
    - all misc items except Upgrade Stones are tradeable now to improve the market activity

    World Loot Box Rework:
    - removed World Loot Box Drop due fix Dungeon Drops
    - added 5 x World Loot Box in exchange for 20 x Gada Coin to Vending Machine
    - Hidden Map now drops World Loot Boxes up from [6 % to 10 %] depends on your Level
    - Orc Field, Glast Heim, Bone Dragon, Drakos, Red Queen, Ice Palast and Abyss now drop World Loot Boxes [7 % Rate]

    Only following field maps now drop Loot Boxes:

    - Rancorous Forest
    - Haven of Peace
    - Ice Rock Hill
    - Snowy Graveyard
    - Chasers Ridge
    - Bear Claw Mine
    - Verglas Ridge
    - Marshmallow Valley
    - Dragon Velly
    - Wing Gorge
    - Edge of the World
    - Nail Hill

    Merit Shop:
    - added [Tier 4] Ultimate Hero Set
    - added [Tier 4] Weapons
    - added [Tier 4] Balloon