[v0.0.175] Patch Update

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    Patch v0.0.175

    General Changes:
    - removed invaded (1-3)
    - removed windy farm quests

    Ice Content:
    [General Changes:]
    - decreased entrance level from 84 to 80 because of daily quests

    Common Ice Palast Chest:
    - increased rate of cold concentrate from 15 to 30 %

    Great Ice Palast Chest:

    - increased rate of warmy snow crystal from 10 to 20 %

    Abyss Content:
    added new daily merit quest to NPC: "Harvey"
    - Clear Glacial Abyss Dungeon
    - Clear Burning Abyss Dungeon
    - Clear Overgrown Abyss Dungeon
    - Clear Shadow Abyss Dungeon
    Reward: 500 Merit

    - [+ Glacial/Burning/Overgrown/Shadow] Abyss Dungeon Premium Loot Chests
    Normal [Glacial/Burning/Overgrown/Shadow] Abyss Dungeon Loot Boxes can be upgradeable with [Premium] Upgrade Stone.
    The [Premium] Upgrade Stone is available in the Chaos Cash Shop [Category: Promotion].