[v0.0.171] Patch Update

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    Patch v0.0.171

    Players Suggestions:
    [World Loot Box Rework:]
    - removed 0.5 % and 0.1 % rate W-Coin
    - removed all enchantement dust
    - increased rate of MC-Coin
    - increased amount of Cash Pouches and added some more (1 % = 10 Cash Pouch) - (0.5 % = 50 Cash Pouch) - (0.1 % = 100 Cash Pouch)

    [Vending Machine Rework:]
    - 99 x World Loot Boxes = 1 x W-Coin now
    - removed 15* HP/CDMG Ring exchange
    - removed trade for Fashion Coin

    added following items (upgradeable from [Old] Items):
    - Heirloom Vegas Stuffed Hat
    - Heirloom Kunka's Wooden Shield
    - Heirloom Alvida's Picnic Hat
    - Heirloom Rocker's Hornet Helmet
    - Heirloom Elluman's Crown
    - Heirloom Kentauru's Gloves
    - Heirloom Burlune's Mask
    - Heirloom Vella's Wings
    - Heirloom Bubobubo's Fancy Shoulderguards

    - for the [Heirloom] Items we added before, now need 250 x Merit + [Old] Item to exchange
    - for [Old] Vegas Stuffed Hat, Captain's Hookah Hat, Alvida's Picnic Hat and Rocker's Helmet now need 200 x Merit

    - removed entire Tier 2 Jack o' Lantern Backpack
    - decreased the rate of ([Tier 2] Extra Life Friend+) (a lot)
    - decreased the rate of ([Tier 2] Happy Family Picture Frame) (a lot)
    - decreased the rate of all Equipment Inventory Expansion (a bit)
    - increased the rate of EXP Potion x1.5/x2.0(a bit) and x3.0 (a bit more)
    - decreased the rate of all [Tier 2] weapons (a bit more)
    - decreased the rate of all Pet/Mount food (a bit)

    General Changes:
    - increased Bloody Drop Rate by x2,5
    - maxlevel increased to Lv. 90

    - updated and added Abyss Costume Set in three different colours

    [Merit Exchange:]
    - added [Tier 1-100] Faces
    Exchangeable at the Merit NPC (Accessories) with Merit, Loot Chests and the new Abyss Items.

    [Vending Machine:]
    new exchange:
    - 1 x Weapon Enchant Dust Cube = 4 x Bone Loot Box + 20 x Gada Coin
    - 1 x Armor Enchant Dust Cube = 4 x Drakos Loot Box + 20 x Gada Coin

    New Content: Abyss
    added one repeatable Quest
    - Clear Glacial Abyss Dungeon
    - Clear Burning Abyss Dungeon
    - Clear Overgrown Abyss Dungeon
    - Clear Shadow Abyss Dungeon
    to receive 1 x Upgrade Stone (to upgrade lootboxes from the dungeons)

    added a second repeatable Quest

    you can either do Glacial/Burning/Overgrown or Shadow Abyss Dungeon 8 times to receive 1 x Upgrade Stone

    - added entrance to the Abyss Lobby to Port of Winds opposite the Ice Palast
    - 4 dungeons inside the Abyss Lobby map to enter the four different dungeons

    - added Exchange NPC to: Valgon [Abyssal Exchange NPC]
    He can be found after using the jumppad in the Abyssal Lobby on the inside of the ship.

    [New Items:]
    - Upgrade Stone (Stone to upgrade lootboxes dropped in the dungeons)
    - Four Element Powder and Relic
    - Glacial/Burning/Overgrown/Shadow Powder and Relic

    - upgradeable Glacial/Burning/Overgrown/Shadow Dungeon Lootboxes