[v0.0.146] Patch Update

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    Patch v0.0.146

    General Changes:
    - Common Ice Palast Chest (Rate from Cold Concentrate from 5 to 15 %)
    - Great Ice Palast Chest (Rate from Cold Concentrate and Warmy Snow Crystal from 5 to 10 %)
    - changed some strings
    - changed daily [Hero] Ice to normal or hero mode, so you can choose between
    - changed exchange of monster coin from 400 orc boxes to 200
    - 10 x Crystal Stone (Water/Wood/Metal/Earth) => 10 x ATK/HP Ring Chest
    - 400 x Red Queen Chests => 1 x 20* ATK/HP Ring
    - changed [Tier 3] Home Buff to 3 hours duration

    Skill Changes:
    - changed back to vanilla

    [Lightning Rod:]
    - decreased Pull duration from 8 to 4 sec

    - increased freeze to 90 %

    [Demon Scream:]
    - removed atk speed scale

    [Demon Puppetry:]
    - removed atk speed scale

    Chain Combo:
    - changed back stun rate to vanilla

    BigWheel Changes:
    - added Soul Craft Randomizer
    - added Pet Option Changer
    - changed Merit to 10/50/100
    - decreased rate of wp/ap and souls
    - added Water/Poison/Lava/Shadow/Ice/Wind/Dark Titan Wings as Fashion
    - added Paris Bright/Dark and normal Vacation Wings as Fashion

    Skill Fixes:
    - fixed Skill Anhilation

    General Fixes:
    - fixed amount of cash pouches of Orc Field Loot Box

    - gloves of autumn set should work correctly now

    - added npcs

    - added Soul Shift Insurance Scrolls to Production Master Max
    - added Recovery Powder to Production Master Max
    - added SoulCraft Expander Weapon/Armor/Accessories to Production Master Max