[v0.0.135] Patch Update

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    Patch v0.0.135

    Cash Exchange:
    10 Small Cash Pouches = 100 Cash
    100 Small Cash Pouches = 1000 Cash

    Skill Fixes:
    - reverted stun/freeze on some skills
    - fixed Double Attack

    Item Changes:
    [Normal] Black Dragon Lord Weapon
    - added 3000 Critical Hit Rate

    [Corrupted] Black Dragon Lord Weapon
    - increased to 4000 Critical Hit Rate

    Exchange changes:
    - decreased pet and mount food to 100 x Eternal Coins

    - added 10 x [Hero] Bone B19 Scroll for 16 x [Bone] Loot Box and 10 x [Hero] Fl. 44 Drakos Scroll for 16 x [Paris] Loot Box to Collin exchange in Port of Winds
    - added Holy Cross (Revive) to Merit exchange for 50 x Merit